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Re: Mixer Use


I use a Mackie 1604 mixer:

Guitar -->stereo preamp/effects --> Mixer input channels
Microphone --> mixer input channel

effect sends, routed to loopers, delays and vortex

All of these units' outputs are routed back into mixer channels

4 mixer busses:
        2 busses --> stereo guitar, & looper signals route to
                boogie 50/50 tube amp w/ 1x12" thiele cabinets (w/
celestion greenbacks)
        2 busses --> microphone, vortex, & delays get routed to full range
PA (currently using
                 home stereo system)

Also, I sync the echoplexes to sequencer playing drum rhythms from Roland
R8M, whose signal gets routed to full range PA.

The combination of guitar tube amp/speaker w/ full range PA creates a
LARGE, KILLER sound!  Unfortunately, this requires a 4 buss mixer....Anyone
know of a well-built, reasonably priced, compact, rack-mountable line mixer
w/ at least 4 fx sends and 4 busses??  The only thing I know like this is
the Mackie LM3204, and it is not a true 4-buss, is not quite compact (5
rack spaces), and costs 6 or 7 hundred $.

Along these lines, I recently picked up a Q-MIX Headphone "Matrix" amp by
Oz Audio.  This unit has 1 stereo input and 4 mono inputs, all of which can
be routed to any of 6 stereo outputs.  So, effectively, this is a 6 buss
(stereo!) mixer.  All it would need are multiple fx loops (this unit does
have one) -- say 6 of them!  Imagine running 6 loopers, into any of 6
stereo outputs (six stereo PAs could be spread throughout the
venue/installation setting.  Great possibilities! (Too bad my wallet can't
keep up with my imagination).   Anyone trying something like this?