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Re: Re:N.A.M.M show

>Actually we do go to see our paying public...our dealers. 

They aren't you're paying public, they just tell you they are!!
Go direct like Carvin, you know it makes sense!  (to us)
Incidentally, do Carvin bother attending NAMM?

>The presence of the general public is often a distraction and a
>hindrance to doing business, which is the reason all of us manufacturers
>paid for the space, the hotel rooms, the (so-called) food in the first

This just seems a strange mentality.  If Lexicon had taken the Vortex to
the public themselves, it might have sold better than by trying to
encourage Guitar Center to do it for them.  And if the message doesn't get
through to the PAYING CUSTOMER, the product's shafted anyway.  To put it
one way, how many distributors are on this list (LD)?  Err... none.  But
they go, and we don't.

> Maybe you can lobby your favorite retailer to do the same...?

My local retailer would love to fly from Scotland to Anaheim, but it ain't
gonna happen....

> I understand that one reason NAMM has never had a public day is that a
> lot of manufacturers don't want the general public to know what price
> they're selling their products to retailers for, as that would
> conceivably undermine the position of said retailers in a real-life
> sales situation.

Having seen a producer's price list once, I can understand this.  To put it
another way, I've seen the US (direct) and UK (dealer) prices for the
Cafvin Holdsworth... try $750 vs $2000....