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N.A.M.M show

>I understand that one reason NAMM has never had a public day is that a
>lot of manufacturers don't want the general public to know what price
>they're selling their products to retailers for, as that would
>conceivably undermine the position of said retailers in a real-life
>sales situation.

Hello, Andre! I think you could substitute "all" instead of "a lot" and take the word "conceivably" out of your above statement and you've pretty much nailed it. Of course your Delaer does not want you to know what he paid for the gear. Farmers won't tell me the price they get for milk, Kellogg's is not giving up the price of manufacture of my Corn Flakes, and somehow, even with cash-back bonuses, rebates and special financing, I have a feeling the dealer invoice number I had for my Explorer was not what my dealership paid for it! :)

NAMM is a convention for member manufacturers to sell their wares to member retailers...it could just as well be vacuums, TV sets or John Deere combines, but because it happens to involve tools used by musicians to create music, it is ocaasionaly criticized for being exclusionary to the consumer. In fact, it is sometimes characterized as a kind of Callous Cabal of Capitalistic Chuckleheads scheming up ever more devious ways to separate the starving musician from his/her last farthing. What it really is is sore feet.

The above all hatched from the soggy depths of my equally warped perspective...!