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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V97 #228

My system is
Aria guitar and
Fifth tuned guitar -> Lag spitfire preamp
Fernandes Guitar -> VG-8

Stick           -> Lag spitfire (melody)
                        -> Peavey Rockmaster (bass side)
Fretless guitar ->Peavey Rockmaster (bass side)

all preamp out go to Mackie CR1604 (except The Lag out that goes to
jamman to vortex to CR1604)

effect send 6 from the CR 1604 goes to jamman to vortex to CR 1604

a few reverbs and other effects in the other effect sends.... 

That is the basic idea
OOps I forgot, GR-50 in the CR too.
the mackie runs two peavey KB300 for neighbours torturing  applications

Oliver Malhomme