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Looper CD: don't miss out

Many humble apologizes to the people I missed on the first go around.

If your name appears below, it means you are a "confirmed" contributor to
the Looper CD project and can 1) pay the $100 submission fee, 2) meet the
submission deadline, and 3) submit your material on CD or DAT.

If you are only an email address on the list, please send me your real 


Here's the list (it also appears at

ANET@aol.com <ANET@aol.com>
Bret Moreland <Bret_Moreland@maxtor.com>
David Kirkdorffer <Dkirkdorffer@exapps.com>
Doug Michael <dmic27@ccnet.com>
Doug Pieren <qual@e-z.net>
Frank Gerace <seahorse@us1.channel1.com>
Len Seligman <seligman@mitre.org>
Keenan Lawler <klaw@iglou.com>
Malhomme Olivier <malhomme@infobiogen.fr>
Mark B <ngc1275@voicenet.com>
Markus Reuter <mreuter@post.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Matt McCabe <marathon@joshuanet.com>
Matthias Grob <matthias@bahianet.com.br>
Michael Peters <Mpeters@compuserve.com>
Michael Preston <michpres@erols.com>
Miguel Barella <miguel.barella@poyry.com>
Mike Barman <eponine@netnet.net>
Mike Biffle <mike.biffle@wj.com>
Patrick Smith <patrick@his.com>
T.W. Hartnett <hartnett.t@apple.com>
Walt Blackler <whb4@cornell.edu>

Matt McCabe
Finley Sound Design
Marathon Records