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Re: N.A.M.M show, GEAR prices !!!

>Yet musical gear, effects processors, many synths, tuners, etc all cost AS
>MUCH, sometimes MORE than they did years ago. Of course - many exceptions
>to the rule.... but in general, c'mon!!!! why do the people that support ,
>yes, a smaller industry, hav to keep paying while the production costs go
>down for all these manufacturers??? is it just supply & demand ?? why does
>a BOSS TU12 tuner cost like $60-80 , just the same that it did 10 years
>ago??? Or most rackmount effects???again, there are lots of bargains out
>there, but, as anyone who has looked thru a blue book can see, musicians,
>who can sometimes least afford it, shoulder an odd set of pricing

But $60-80 is less now than it was 10 years ago, and $600 buys you a lot 
more processing now then it did then.  I think the SPX-90 went for more 
than $600, and there's no comparison between it and, say, and Intellifex.

Travis Hartnett