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Matthias Grob wrote:

> >
> >... Most PA's on the club level are in mono, and soundmen don't want
> >to be bothered with mic'ing two cabinets.
> mono? I thought that only existed down here in 3. World?
> As soon as you use audible reverb, I think stereo is a must.
> For bands with many members its the only way to make all audible.
> Matthias

Got to disagree with you there Matthias.  As a professional sound
engineer, I will tell you that stereo is definitely NOT what you want in
live sound.  The reason is that when you do a mix in stereo, you create
a "sweet spot" where the sound is correctly balanced between left and
right.  Everywhere else the mix is wrong.  Because the sweet spot is so
small (compared to most clubs/auditoriums) only a small number of
people, near the sound person, will here what is intended.  Most PA
cabinets come with horns that disperse the high frequency information
(any wave length that's greater than the distance between your ears
{bass} is not perceived as stereo) so that everyone can hear a proper
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