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Re: UNDO MALFUNCTION ON ECHOPLEX(Is it broken?, Anyone else havethis experience?)

check the web pages again. You are experiencing a well known old
hardware-based thermal problem that is very easy to fix yourself. Here's
the link right to the answer:



At 12:32 PM -0800 12/13/97, Ian Reid Maxwell wrote:
>I own an echoplex.  It seems as though my Undo function is broken.  It
>undoes everything.  It seems to
>act just as the record function by erasing everything(or I guess recording
>an empty loop).  If I use a
>short press it records, and if I use a long press it resets just like the
>record function does.  Help!!!!!!!
>I'm new at this.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is it something an upgrade
>will fix?
>     I've read just about everything on the Echoplex web pages.  I have
>experienced some of the other
>bugs in the old software , but I have not found anything discussing the
>undo function acting this way
>     Again Help!!!!!!!!!
>                             Ried Maxwell
>                             POWERLOUNGE RECORDS

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