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Re: music links to other loopers examples, web site

At 12:02 PM -0500 12/13/97, ANET wrote:
>Hey Terry Spaulding;

I think you mean Tom.....

>Kim sent me a note yesterday stating that he is always looking for 
>to the site and a lot of folks are making recommendations to good stuff 
>they know about.

and if someone wanted to volunteer to compile some of these great
recommendations into a nice web page for the site, that would sure be
great! The site does have a section called "loopography" which is supposed
to be a listing of great loop based music out there to try. The section is
suffering from a bit of neglect and needs someone to own and love it.
Michael Peters is the editor now, but he already has the big job of the
profiles page and can't do everything! I guess even more it needs the rest
of us to write up little reviews of our favorite recordings to submit. I'm
sure there is gobs of great info that's been posted to the list, someone
just needs to mine it out of the archives. It might even break down into
two sections, one for classic and influential looping recordings, and one
for all the other stuff. Here's the link to the page if you want to check
what's there so far:


There is also an "artists" section that should be for info about well-known
loop artists that people can check out. It has nothing on it all yet and is
just crying for a loving sponser.....

If you want to check out just how lonely and empty that poor page is, the
link is here:


>I have always thought that get down to local levels really exposes the 
>music to be found and I am sure there is more true music out there than 
>we hear over the airwaves.
>Wouldn't it be nice to add links to folks that know about this stuff of 
>we could sample?
>Just an Idea,  I don't think loopers-delight has that yet.  It would be an
>excellent add-on.

well, there is the Profiles section of the website, which is about all of
us ordinary folks. There are a lot of people on there now, with
descriptions about what they do, how to contact them, influences,
instruments/gear they use, recordings available, links to web sites, etc.
If you're not on the Profiles page yet, then get you info together and get
it in there! Michael Peters takes care of that part of the web site, so you
should send it to him. There are instructions on the page for what you need
to do, so make sure to read them first! Here's the link to the page:



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