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Is my echoplex dead or what?

Hi all. This is a message for Echoplex tech-spurts.  The rest of you can
skip on down to the next message.

My echoplex (loop 3, v3.2) appears to be dead right now.  When I turn it
on, the OS version message and total record time show up as before, and
everything appears normal.  The record LED is lit green, as is the feedback
LED.  All other LED's are dark.  None of the buttons do anything, except
for "parameters".  I can cycle through the four parameter banks, and when I
enter a new bank, I can press one other button (doesn't seem to matter much
which one) and read the corresponding parameter's value.  Subsequent button
presses do not change the value, however, and no other buttons (except
"parameters") are functional.  Once I loop through all parameter banks, I
can press record, at which point the echoplex appears to record for about
0.5 seconds, at which point the "1L" message comes up, as if I'd made a
long record press.

I've tried several remedies: powering up with various key combinations held
(some of which will cause my display to take on an alien appearance, with
random segments lit), and replacing the RAM (I've had it at 16MB.  I
replaced that RAM with the original simms, but experience no change in
behavior, beyond a shorter listed record time.)  Nothing seems to produce
any change.

I experienced a short spell of very similar behavior one evening a couple
of months ago.  However, the echoplex shortly thereafter returned to
normal, and I failed to report the bug.  This time, it's more persistent
(much more).

I've called echoplex tech support and left a message.  The tech people and
I are playing phone tag at this point.  Feeling helpless, I thought I would
post this message and see if anyone has had experiences like this or knows
of something else I might try.  If anyone has an email address for Oberheim
tech support, I'd like it.  This phone thing doesn't work well for me.




Chris Stecker


Graduate Student, Psychoacoustics
3210 Tolman Hall, #1650
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley CA 94720-1650

Auditory Lab, B-50 Tolman Hall, (510)642-5352   http://ear.berkeley.edu

!!Ask me about Space Mesa, Ovenguard Music, Receptacle Culture, and CELL!!