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Re: Is my echoplex dead or what?

At 10:56 PM -0800 12/13/97, Chris Stecker wrote:
>Hi all. This is a message for Echoplex tech-spurts.  The rest of you can
>skip on down to the next message.

ready to spurt.....

>My echoplex (loop 3, v3.2) appears to be dead right now.  When I turn it
>on, the OS version message and total record time show up as before, and
>everything appears normal.  The record LED is lit green, as is the 
>LED.  All other LED's are dark.  None of the buttons do anything, except
>for "parameters".  I can cycle through the four parameter banks, and when 
>enter a new bank, I can press one other button (doesn't seem to matter 
>which one) and read the corresponding parameter's value.  Subsequent 
>presses do not change the value, however, and no other buttons (except
>"parameters") are functional.  Once I loop through all parameter banks, I
>can press record, at which point the echoplex appears to record for about
>0.5 seconds, at which point the "1L" message comes up, as if I'd made a
>long record press.

It sounds to me like one of the front panel buttons is getting stuck on
somehow. (or footpedal if you have one plugged in.) I just turned one of
mine on while holding the Next button down and it pretty much behaved just
like you describe. Try all of the buttons and see if any feel like they are
sticking. If they are, it might be that the top piece of metal got bent
down a little and is pressing against the tops of the switches. That used
to happen to me with prototyping the things because I always had the tops
on and off and never used the screws, so eventually they'd get bent somehow
and interfere with the switches. Or maybe that hole has some little metal
spur or dirt got in it or something.

If that's not it, then it would be something weird like a bit of metal
floating around on the circuit or something. Or maybe some part of the
circuit just broke, but that seems a bit unlikely for what you describe.

>of something else I might try.  If anyone has an email address for 
>tech support, I'd like it.  This phone thing doesn't work well for me.

Pat Murphy <pmurphy@gibson.com> is the dude you want.

>3210 Tolman Hall, #1650

If they had a contest for most boring/ugly architecture on campus, Tolman
would be a contender. I think the only class I had there was a discussion
section of electro-magnetic fields and waves, which may be influencing my

oh wait another Tolman experience....summer after 8th grade I took a math
summer school class at Berkeley, and they would have these optional/fun
lunchtime classes as part of the program. I took one where this goofy math
teacher from some suburban high school taught us how to break dance. That
was in Tolman. In retrospect, completely surreal....


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