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Re: Re Loop Doctors

At 10:15 PM 12/13/97 EST, you wrote:
>The LoOpDoctOrs find stereo not only possible in small clubs but 

>several Vortexes wafting, you can hear all kinds of depth, ping pong 
>shots and
>backhand swirly's that you just won't get in the flat, pointelist world of

>Balanced?  Heck no...but then who comes to see the LoOpDoctOrs expecting
>equilibrium? A little phasey loopy weirdness is much preferable to the
>monotones, as God understood when he put our two eared, two eyed and 
>hairless species on the planet.
>All LoOpDoctOr odors, however, emenate in mono.
>The LoOpDoctOrs

Love your always informative and whimsical posts . . .when I grow up< Iwant
to be JUST like you.


PS--I love all of the dessicated, droll technical posts that have enriched
my life while depleting my pocketbook as well--you folks are 
(sorry, kind of LOOPY right now . . . oh, no more of those ELECTRIC SNAKES
in my Boss flanger 
. . . SHOO! . . .
Tom Lambrecht  hideo@concentric.net