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Re: Do you replace parts of loops?

>>I just got fascinated again about the possiblility to replace parts of
>>longer loops while experiencing them. Within over 15 sec of loop you
>>probably like some bit better than the other. The bit you do not like (be
>>it a colour in your "wash" or a single cord in your sequence), you can
>>reduce with feedback or even replace straight away with a Replace 
>>After listening to the loop enough, you know what you want to change and
>>thus let the whole idea grow.
>>I prefer to use FeedBack for this, because it allows to fade or leave a 
>>or the old stuff in the background.
>>Used smother it simply creates a dynamic wave of a previously constant
>>Do you all use such tricks?
>>For practicing/creating or as musical expression/composition in a final

Randy Jones was the only one to react... does that mean that noone uses
this method yet? ... well noone is obliged to answer, so never mind... I
just thought, that this kind of talk is rather bound to the intention of
this list...
So Randy asked:
>This sounds like a very interesting thing to do.  Is is possible to give
>specific instructions for this technique.  I read the manual, but can't
>actually GET the process.  Sorry to be technoslow...I think a "Echoplex 
>Dummies" is the manual I need.

There are Playing Hints on the web page that might be interesting for you.
The Replace function is mentioned in the manual, under Insert, though.
(page 4-27 in my manual). Once the InsertMode is set to rpl or rhr, you
simply press INSERT during a part you do not like an play something better
that will stay in that spot from then on.

The thing with FeedBack is technically simple, but it took me a long time
to find its musical use. You reduce the FeedBack pot (preferably a pedal!)
during the unwanted part and optionally switch on Overdubb before to
immediately play something new over the spot.

Try an tell us!