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Re: Long improvs

Dave Eichenberger told us a while ago:

>I've been forcing myself to record 1/2 hour improvs at home, all live, no
>overdubs- after the first few hours or so, I really have to strain to come
>up with ideas, I can't rely on tricks or patterns. I go out for a walk, 
>at the scenery, and try to think of new ways to approach things, like 
>How do clouds sound?
>What does green and orange sound like?
>I come up with at least an hour of new, fresh things this way, usually
>nothing like what I came up with before.

Very nice. What do you do with those recordings?
Does the music end up percievably related to the stimulus (clouds...) ?
Could the feel be cought from a short bit of the recording so you end up
with a musical lexicon?
Did you do this for days, months, will you go on...?