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Re: replacing parts of loops

At 05:48 PM 12/17/97 -0800, Dave Trenkel wrote:
>>This method seems really interesting (i.e. replacing parts with silence 
>>making ad hoc rhythms).  I have a Jamman and haven't used replace much.  
>>sometimes add really random things in or play over the loop and hit 
>>at random, but that only goes so far.  I should steal [cough], I mean 
>>your method.
>I do this a lot. Often I will lay down a longish droney texture in 
>loop mode, and then use replace to "drop in" silence and other parts. I
>find that there's a minimum time that I can hit and release the pedal
>twice, about a second, which defines the finest granularity of the 
>I gather that with the Echoplex, you can assign the pedal to only record
>while the pedal is depressed, which could decrease the minimum punching
>time quite a bit.

Yes, that's right. You can get extremely short replaces by just lightly
tapping the button. You can get some really interesting textures that way.
Replacing with silence is one of my favorite techniques, too. The holes in
the sound form a rhythm, which is pretty interesting. Another thing I like
to do is build a loop that is one chord, and then tap replace in a rhythmic
way while playing a different chord. You get brief, jarring chord changes
which can be really cool. After you do this for a while, the loop becomes
completely mutilated into a different sort of texture althogether. great 

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