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Re: I Saw Three Chips Come Sailing In...

>The short answer is, no the echoplex can't be usefully controlled by a DMC
>Ground Control. Despite popular opinion among guitar players, the ground
>control is actually a fairly limited midi controller and not able to send
>appropriate midi commands for the echoplex. There are other pedals which
>work great, the web page describes what to look for. My personal
>recommendation is to pick up a used Digitech PMC-10. I got mine for $100,
>and have been quite happy with it. 

BTw, plexers, it's possible to configure a Digitech RP1/10/12/20 to send CC
(I think that's what the EDP uses... whatever) _without_ changing the
onboard patch, ie you can mix pedals within a bank to either change onboard
patches, or control the EDP, or both.

It won't send patch change info without changing patch, so you can't use it
to drive your JamMan _and_ gain access to the onboard sounds in a
controllable way...


(not wishing to start the "JamMan shouldn't use Patch Change" debate or