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Re: I Saw Three Chips Come Sailing In...

At 07:57 PM 12/17/97 EST, Marzzz wrote:
>Now, a question: Can an Echoplex be controlled by a Midi Footcontroller 
>as a DMC Ground Control), in place of the dedicated Echoplex Foot 

On the Looper's Delight web site, in the echoplex section, is a page called
"Echoplex Footpedal Tutorial," which explains most everything about that
subject you would likely want to know.


The short answer is, no the echoplex can't be usefully controlled by a DMC
Ground Control. Despite popular opinion among guitar players, the ground
control is actually a fairly limited midi controller and not able to send
appropriate midi commands for the echoplex. There are other pedals which
work great, the web page describes what to look for. My personal
recommendation is to pick up a used Digitech PMC-10. I got mine for $100,
and have been quite happy with it. 

Kim Flint                      408-752-9284
Mpact System Engineering       kflint@chromatic.com
Chromatic Research             http://www.chromatic.com