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RE: bluegrass looping

Yes, Chet loops. I just gave him a fully-loaded Echoplex (actually it was
the last demo one we had in our showroom) last month at his request. Due to
his cancer treatments, his ability to play as he once did (by his own
admission)is gone, but we hope the 'plex can help pick up some of the
slack. We are anxious to hear what comes of it...


At 09:50 AM 12/19/97 -0600, you wrote:
>A while back ANET asked: "I didn't know that Chet had some looping stuff
>out there, do anyone know what it is and if it's good?"
>On a recent album, "Almost Alone" Chet does a loop jam called JAMMAN
>which won a Grammy award(I forget what category.)  It is a sweet little
>composition which demonstrates what can be done with looping rather
>well.  It isn't really bluegrass and I don't think that there is any
>other looping on the album.  I do know that he usually incorporates a 20
>minute looping set into his live act.
>Best regards,