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Re[2]: PMC-10

     Thanks for the reply Greg...
     The PMC 10 was my first midi pedal because it seemed to offer more 
     than any of the competitors at the time. I've been waiting a long 
     for everyone else to catch up, and apparently not enough people have 
     been squawking about extended functions that other manufacturers have 
     added those extended features. I was naive enough to believe that 
     *all* MIDI control parameters would be finally addressed by the 
     manufacturers in the near future. (Not in 2010.) Won't ZIPI come and 
     save us before that???
     That said here is what my PMC10 does which is mandatory in any other 
     MIDI pedal I might migrate to. (And believe me I want to.)
     1. Record and send Sysex strings sent out by other modules.
     2. Assign to either exp-ped 1 or 2; (I believe 3 or 4) continuous 
     controllers and send on any midi channel as well as scale either 
     positively or negatively.
     3. Send multiple pgm chg as well as multiple ctl chg values on any 
     midi channel in a single patch.
     4. More than 100 patch memory capability.
     I know the Rocktron All Access pedal fills most of these 
     but haven't yet made any commitment to another pedal because the 
     PMC-10 is so robust in it's features. Although it's not particularly 
     roadworthy and has memory crashed on me a number of times leaving me 
     high and dry.
     Still few more questions about the MPX1 R Midi Pedal.
     1. Ads say that the exp-ped is switched. Does that mean that you can 
     program the switch to possibly activate one or both of the relays? Or 
     program that switch to send a pgm-chg possibly? What does that switch 
     2. Is the ex ped scaleable like the LXP 15II controller assignments? Y
     You say below that it can only send one controller msg... Too bad, 
     that's a major flaw. The LXP 15II allows up to five controllers to be 
     assigned to any one pedal with positive or neg scaling as well. It 
     seems that the other Lexicon products allow multiple controller 
     assignment as well... How did they overlook that with the MPX1-R?
     3. If I program my PMC-10 to send the pgm-chg which toggles the TAP 
     function on my JamMan, it is not as accurate as if I use a hard wired 
     footswitch due to midi delay. How does the TAP switch on the MPX1-R 
     handle this. Is it a hardwire contact thru the MIDI cable? Or does it 
     still suffer from MIDI lag?
     4. Are the A/B registers operated like the Vortex? And does the MPX1 
     offer all of the cool abilities the Vortex offers?... Like tap delay 
     with time divide if you exceed the maximum delay time?
     Thanks in advance Greg... (I know I ask alot.)

______________________________ Reply Separator 
Subject: RE: PMC-10
Author:  "Hogan; Greg  (Exchange)" <ghogan@lexicon.com> at INTERNET
Date:    12/19/97 12:37 PM

        Miko said and asked:" I've been hoping to see more sturdy units
capable of 
>      assigning multiple controllers to one ex-ped or another. And the 
>      ability to assign each individual controllers midi channel as
> well. 
>      This gives you the ability to control several midi module real
> time 
>      controllers with a single pedal. 
>      Has anyone tried the new Lexicon MXP floor controller? What is
> it's 
>      architecture like? Is it easy to program?"
>      There was a lone reply from our kindest forum host which
> stated:"Isn't the Lex pedal only dedicated for the MXP? I didn't think
> it was actually a midi pedal, but I could be wrong."
Yes, The MPX R1 does MIDI.  It is meant to give you control of all
things MIDI. It is also very sturdy.  It does not currently allow you to
send several message via one pedal.  I have forwarded your posting to
the product management folks so that they will be aware of your desire.
Any of the footswitches can also be assigned to send out controller
messages.  The machine does give you a lot of options so the biggest
battle in programming it will be in deciding what you want it to do.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything
that I can do for you.

Best regards,

Greg Hogan
Lexicon Customer Service
Phone +781-280-0372
FAX +781-280-0499