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Re: Re: PMC-10

In a message dated 12/20/97 8:25:29 PM, Kim Flint wrote:

> I think
>if someone were to make put out another midi pedal now, it would either be
>something cheap and straightforward to compete with the DMC ground 
>or something more expensive and powerful to compete with the AllAccess. 


I guess I really started something here with my innocent question! I was
basically just looking for a midi pedal so that I don't have to also get 
Echoplex pedal, but it looks like the Echoplex pedal may be more cost
efficient. I was planning on checking out a Ground Control to handle the
TriAxis and the TC Electronics efx (as well as the Echoplex, but it looks 
no go) and hoping I wouldn't be surrounding myself with pedals.

Speaking of the Echoplex, a call to Thoroughbred Music gave me the info 
they won't have Plexes available for about 6-7 weeks, as I would have 
from what was posted here previously.