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FC200, PC1600x (was re: PMC-10)

On Saturday, December 20, 1997 6:56 PM, Kim Flint 
> Do you mean Roland? There is the FC-100, which is quite powerful and has 
> built in expression pedal. But like you say, the display is only a 3
> charcter LED type, which sucks for a pedal.

Actually, it's the FC200 and it works extrememly well if you can get over
the display limitation.  Also, it should cost $200-250.

> >Finally, one other MIDI controller which I am aware of, is the PC-1600x
> >from Peavey. Now I've never been a big Peavey fan, but this seems to be 
> >incredibly deep controller, however as a guitarist this unit won't work 
> >me because it is a desk/table
> >top controller.
> if you've got loops going, your hands should be free some of the time, 
> >It has 16 buttons along the bottom with a slider/fader over
> >each of the buttons. The buttons can be configured to work various ways
> >(toggle or momentary, etc) and the sliders can be assigned to send 
> >MIDI info as well. There is info about this device readily available at 
> >Peavey web site if someone wants to check it out. I don't know the 
>price of
> >the PC-1600x but a friend of mine got one at a music store blowout for 
> Really? I'd buy it at that price. Where? I've been seriously thinking 
> getting a controller like that. Once I had two expression pedals at my
> feet, I realized I wanted more! A bank of sliders would be perfect.

Right now, Manny's can special-order a new PC1600x for under $300.  Or
they have the previous model, the PC1600, in stock for ~$280.  (You can buy
an OS upgrade for the PC1600 to bring it current with the PC1600x.)  Go to
the Peavey web site to check out the feature list on this pup.  It's way, 
powerful.  (I'll be getting a PC1600x next month.)

Jonathan Brainin