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Re: FC-200

> Do you mean Roland? There is the FC-100, which is quite powerful and has 
> built in expression pedal. But like you say, the display is only a 3
> charcter LED type, which sucks for a pedal.

Actually, it's the FC200 and it works extrememly well if you can get 
the display limitation.  Also, it should cost $200-250.

Wow. Where can you can get a FC-200 at that price? I just paid $320 
for mine today (the only one they had sealed in a box) at Guitar 

And that was after the asshole salesman tried to sell me one without 
batteries (it comes with six AA batteries as a power source) and one 
without a manual as "new." I don't know why I keep shopping there... 
But anyways...

The FC-200's seem to be getting harder and harder to come by... buy 
yours now! It's a great resource.

Scott Archambault