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RE: HELP!! Lost echo in JamMan

I suspect that the right hand encoder got damaged or is just defective.
The system looks at that encoder to determine what mode it's in. If it
is incapable of generating the correct number, the system will never go
into the Echo mode. This can be checked by holding the RESET and
FUNCTION buttons down on power up. In diagnostics, the right hand
encoder selects the test. The selected test number is displayed. The
tests should appear sequecially from 0-9,A,b,C,d,E,F (with 0 at the 6:00
position) as the knob is turned. If all the numbers don't appear, the
encoder or its associated circuitry is probably bad (note - being a
mechanical part, the encoder itself is primary suspect). Note that you
don't have to actually run a test here, just try to select each of them.

Also note that the system does not have a factory initialization process
because the system has no "nonvolatile" memory (it remembers nothing
when it is powered down).

Email Greg Hogan at ghogan@lexicon.com or call at 781-280-0372 for
service info.

Bob Sellon

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> From:         Rev. Doubt-Goat[SMTP:dgoat@rocketmail.com]
> Reply To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Sent:         Sunday, December 28, 1997 12:49 AM
> To:   bsellon@lexicon.com
> Subject:      HELP!! Lost echo in JamMan
> 93 all,
> The most horrific thing just happened to me: the
> echo mode on my JamMan disappeared.  It's been
> replaced by a loop mode.  Is my knob bad?  Is
> there a "reset to factory spec" I could use on
> the thing?  Is the processor blown?
> Loop and sample modes still work fine, I've just
> lost echo (my most useful mode.)
> Any ideas?
> Rev. Doubt-Goat
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