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Re: Looping with a keyboard

hi folks,
i must confess that i too respect the keyboard/loopage enlightenment..being
a string player (chapman stick, geetar etc.) i have found that my
music/gigs have been helped out alot by my cheesey ole Ensoniq ESQ-1 > Korg
A2> Alesis Midiverb 3>jamman >Mackie
>chain....i am able to loop multi layers of keys via the Jamman...while
playing a Stick part through the Plex, with some backward grooves ,of
course.... so its with me live from now on,,,i have for better or worse
written keys into the musical story,,,

when i practice odd scales etc...i will loop a piano>jamman chord maybe add
a groove,,,maybe not,,,and i will practice some scales ,,,while hearing the
looped chord,,,it has helped me learn new approaches to spontaneous
improvisation,,and hearing the interaction of a note before i play it....

see you in the groove
james rhodes