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Re: (non-loop content) Triaxis doc

At 11:20 PM -0800 12/29/97, Sean Echevarria wrote:
>There are a few Triaxis owners on the list.  This post is for them.
>I've had mine for several years.  The "manual" that it came with is about 
>inches x 4 inches - and has no info about setting it up to respond to
>continuous controllers.  I just found out that, although not available on
>the Mesa website, there is a much better pdf format Triaxis manual on 
>ftp site (ftp.mesaboogie.com/pub).
>Am I the only person that got the 3x4 job?

I got mine a year and half ago, and it came with a nice 40 page manual. It
includes the continuous controller info. I guess you had to buy it new with
the 2.0 software to get that. I've heard so many people whine about
programming the CC's that I haven't gotten around to trying. There have
been some hardware changes, too. Starting a couple years ago, Lead 1 Red is
the dual rectifier version, and starting just recently they added some sort
of deep mod. (I think, I'm a little fuzzy on that one, but I think it takes
some of the buzziness out of one of the red modes.)


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