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Re: (non-loop content) Triaxis doc

In a message dated 12/30/97 4:33:37 AM, Kim wrote:

<<I got mine a year and half ago, and it came with a nice 40 page manual. 
includes the continuous controller info.Starting a couple years ago, Lead 1
Red is
the dual rectifier version, and starting just recently they added some sort
of deep mod. (I think, I'm a little fuzzy on that one, but I think it takes
some of the buzziness out of one of the red modes.)>>

Correct about the manual. You cab call Mesa Boogie and they will send you a
copy. The Lead 1 Red mode was changed with version 2.0 to be a Dual Recto 
tone, and since last august was modified some more so that the tone was 
and less buzzy, especially in the upper harmonics. All TriAxis have been
shipping this way since last August. Older 2.0 versions can be updated to 
"Phat Mod" for $75 plus shipping, 1.0 versions may be more expensive.

If you like the Lead 1 Red mode the way it is, I would advise NOT getting 
Phat Mod. For me, I didn't like the Lead 1 Red mode, and much preferred the
Phat Mod version after I had it installed.