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RE: Looping/music/audience/commerce

RE this:

> ----------
> From:         jprice@intcpi.com
> Reply To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Sent:         Thursday, February 19, 1998 9:47 AM
> To:   'Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com'
> Subject:      RE: Looping/music/audience/commerce
> 1.)   Standalone portable Device with huge LEDs for the everyday user
> from ages 4 and up who wants instant and immediate gratification  -
> give them loopable presets and some type of  idiot proof interface
> where they can feel like they have a lot more control over what they
> actually have been given. Market it as "Jamout or Zone Out in a Box"
> or something along that line. Give it built in speakers, give it
> flashing strobe lights too. Price it no higher than $200.00
> 2.)   An Intermediate Level (Portable) Unit  SCSI (optionable) , MIDI
> ports included.  Have Preset loops that are loadable and changeable
> ie. - rock, Hip-Hop - Techno, House, Country, Metal, New age Jazz,
> etc, grooves, sounds that are layerable but limitable to the loops you
> can stack and even make em savable on a PC. ... like have it w/a built
> in overdrive, chorus or flanger and analog type pedal 1sec. Delay
> effect. Allow it to record up to 8 seconds or more of sound and play
> back in reverse. Put a multiply mode in it too. Encourage 3rd party SW
> developers to support you with various add-on devices. Price it no
> higher than $499.00
> It'll be like a drm machine and quasi sampler/sound canvas all in one.
> 3.)Get together Somethin akin to a jamman or say an echoplex or the
> BOSS sp202 with all the sophistication and wizardry a pro would
> expect. Give em lots o knobs and the ability to digitally save and
> store edit parameters along with full midi functionality Multiply,
> reverse and ring mod. and random playback or random morphing that
> would be adjusted & real-time synced to any bpm ya want. Also,
> remember Its gotta be pitched from a Fun and ease of use perspective
> ie. " You'd be amazed at how fast you'd be making music. "
> Plus from a manufacturers and marketing perspective the upgrades and
> product life extentions will be endless with tons of cool variations
> and offshoots until another larger manufacturer copies what youre
> doing to the tee.
> Make all your product like samsonite luggaage !
The above makes a lot of sense to me . . . it parallels ideas that I've
had recently. Though, for me, I'd like to see something that is sort of
median point of these . . . sort of the best of 1, 2 and 3, though
suspect that I'd be willing to pay more than your price point. I was
going to post something along these lines in terms of Kim's and Tom
Spaulding's queries, though it looks like the later will be out of the
loop (pun intended-sorry!).

As an addendum: It seems to me that if you're trying to court the DJ/hip
hop market, you need to give them an interface that will be familiar.
Maybe something like that Akai on the Looper's Delight page???? This is
also for someone like me who would rather not have a rack (sick of 'em)
and would like to have something that would be the size of a medium-size
drum machine with an opitional footpedal. Maybe just a variation on the
EDP with big ole LED displays-cause I AM a bonehead-and some more knobs.