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It's no crisis- it's just you having fun...

1) get a little ambient if your normally stack guitar parts.  If are 
normally ambients, try  stacking discrete lines/parts.

2) put a melodic line that cycles in three over a loop in four.

3) play an mbira style melody in triplets over a loop in four.

4) randomly subtitute numbers in suggestions 2&3.

5) try new harmonies (this alone is worth the cost of my admision)- chords 
on top               of  chords, desending lines over asending lines.  
Fool around over pedal tones.

6) make percussive tracks by clicking your pickups with your strings, 
electric screwdrivers, vibrators, etc.

7) lay down texture beds with electric screwdrivers, vibrators, electric 
and manual lint removers.

8) try looping with a bass if you are guitarist.  If you play keyboards, 
see a therapist! ;-)

9) sell it.

and my favorite:

10)  go to the store.  Buy two sixpacks of Guiness and a half gallon of 
Wild Turkey 101 (is it just me, or does regular Kickin' Chicken taste like 
paint thinner?).  If it is hot enought, you
are alowed to substitute Tanqueray and tonics.  If you have glaucoma, 
smoke some of your medication.

Call your friend Bob, the Neil Young fan.  Invite him over. Tell him to 
bring his guitar.

Set you rig up outside if it is not raining.  At least open a window.  
Hook the output of your JamMan into a tremelo pedal.

Responsibly sample some of the aforementioned beverage.  Perhaps your eyes 
are still hurting?

Loop the verse of  either 'Down By the River' or 'Cowgirl in the Sand'.

Turn the tremelo pedal on, and indulge yourself.