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Any experimental Venues in NJ?

Hi all,

I'm setting up a tour with my experimental duo project "Spin-17" and was
wondering if anybody might know of a way (place, contact, etc..) for us to 
do a
show in NJ?  The music is improv-based and uses clarinet, guitar, 
electronics, voice and toys.  It's not necessarily "loop-based", though 
once in
awhileawhileawhile....  I hate to compare but we "sound like" Stockhausen 
Pizzicato 5 vs. Squarepusher vs. John Zorn vs. John Cage vs. Negativland.  
we're looking for is a little gas money and roof and a few 
enthusiastically open
ears.  In any case, thanks for any help...

ed chang
(212) 253-6214