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Re: Any experimental Venues in NJ?

> Hi all,
> I'm setting up a tour with my experimental duo project "Spin-17" and was
> wondering if anybody might know of a way (place, contact, etc..) for us
to do a
> show in NJ?  The music is improv-based and uses clarinet, guitar,

hey Ed...

a few places spring to mind for me, having not ventured too far  around NJ
for this kinda stuff - the saint - where my duo JFK's LSD UFO (sneaky
plugg) is gonna be this week, is friendly to doing a "weird nite" ever so
often. we've been ther with buckethead and bon lozaga before, i've also
done gigs there with bon lozaga and mike keneally.
so - they are willing to take a chance here & there. the main phn number is
732-775-9144, Listen to the message for what to do re: booking. and you can
certainly say "andre put me in touch", i know scott well

sometimes the court tavern will go out on a limb - they are in the college
town of new brunswick, that helps. their booking # is 732-545-3969. Get in
touch with Princeton radio station WPRB - (609-258-3655) they have an
electronic/experimental music show which would help for exposure, also
someone there might be able to help for shows in the princeton area. Of
course WFMU ( http://www.wprb.org ) is a great resource, they have bands
play live on the air fr. time to time.. it's a totally free form, listener
supported radio station.. of course you can private email me - i'll do what
i can to help with any of the above.