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Re: Crisis!!!!!!

> Hi friends , I`ve got a major crisis on my hands. I`m gonna come right 
> and say it: I`ve begun to get doubts about looping.................and I
need > some reassuring.
> The thing is , when I loop it doesn`t seem to go anywhere. I always get 
>stuck in the same tracks and the music sounds  like.........looping. 
>Sometimes my Jamman can feel like a limitation , rather than a new colour 
>on my (somewhat limited) canvas.

Now Thomas (et al), this may seem harsh, but I too have experiemced this
situation and after careful thought put it down to my own playing.  In this
respect, I found Dave Torn's advice (thanks DT!) most helpful - "looping is
your plating, but more of it".  When I always sounded the same, I realised
it was because my _playing_ always sounded the same.  So it gave me an
opportunity to take my playing apart, to find new ways of playing.  It
broadened my ears, so to speak.

I'd really recommend reading dt's aritcle from GP (it's reprinted...
somewhere..) which has absolutely to advice for these problems.  My fave?
"Q.  How do I stop my loops sounding like other people's?  A.  Stop playing
like other people."