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Price sharing etiquette

Hello Loopers ... Hello Loopers ...

Please excuse me, but I feel like whining a bit. On Wednesday,
somebody posted the following about the Echoplex DP:

> Thanks for the various responses. I'm still waiting to find
> out how soon a unit will be available (nobody seems to have
> them in stock), and I found a pretty good price ($569.00 +
> $95.00 - thanks Marshall) but I have one more question[...]

Since I've been trying to find a good deal on an Echoplex, I
was interested. So I sent an e-mail to the author of this
message asking if he could please let me know where that deal
can be had. The response? Nada. Not even a "Sorry, dude, can't
tell you". 

So what's the point of the post? If you're not willing to share
the information, this really amounts to gloating. After all,
you can thank the individuals who tipped you off to the good
deal by private e-mail.

Anyway, I have two more questions:
1. Where can you get the Echoplex at the above price?
2. How does everybody feel about discussing prices of gear on
   the list? Does anybody have any ethical or pragmatic concerns
   about this?

There, I feel better now. Send info, questions, flames to the
list or to me personally. One thing I can promise you: if you
send me an e-mail, no matter how rude your message, I'll reply
to you. It's only simple courtesy.