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Re: Price sharing etiquette

Peter Harlan wrote:
> Hello Loopers ... Hello Loopers ...
> Please excuse me, but I feel like whining a bit. On Wednesday,
> somebody posted the following about the Echoplex DP:
> > Thanks for the various responses. I'm still waiting to find
> > out how soon a unit will be available (nobody seems to have
> > them in stock), and I found a pretty good price ($569.00 +
> > $95.00 - thanks Marshall) but I have one more question[...]
> Since I've been trying to find a good deal on an Echoplex, I
> was interested. So I sent an e-mail to the author of this
> message asking if he could please let me know where that deal
> can be had. The response? Nada. Not even a "Sorry, dude, can't
> tell you".
> So what's the point of the post? If you're not willing to share
> the information, this really amounts to gloating. After all,
> you can thank the individuals who tipped you off to the good
> deal by private e-mail.
> Anyway, I have two more questions:
> 1. Where can you get the Echoplex at the above price?
> 2. How does everybody feel about discussing prices of gear on
>    the list? Does anybody have any ethical or pragmatic concerns
>    about this?
> There, I feel better now. Send info, questions, flames to the
> list or to me personally. One thing I can promise you: if you
> send me an e-mail, no matter how rude your message, I'll reply
> to you. It's only simple courtesy.
> -Peter

Thanks for making that point Peter.  Maybe I've just subscribed
to rather helpful newgroups in the past, but this group does seem a bit
on the helpful-only-if-I-can-toot-my-own-horn-in-the-process side.

Last week I asked a simple question, "What is the going rate for a used
JamMan?".  I received not even ONE response.  I would imagine that 80%
of you have a good idea.  Was my question too basic and "newbee" for all
you pros?


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