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Re: Price sharing etiquette

At 10:13 AM 4/3/98 -0800, Randy Reichenbach wrote:

>Thanks for making that point Peter.  Maybe I've just subscribed
>to rather helpful newgroups in the past, but this group does seem a bit
>on the helpful-only-if-I-can-toot-my-own-horn-in-the-process side.
>Last week I asked a simple question, "What is the going rate for a used
>JamMan?".  I received not even ONE response.  I would imagine that 80%
>of you have a good idea.  Was my question too basic and "newbee" for all
>you pros?

I'd like to think this is a helpful list, that is the point of it. Mostly 
seems that it is, but if there are ways to make it better please suggest 

It's not a particularly huge list (several hundred people), so sometimes 
might post something that doesn't happen to catch anybody right and doesn't
spark up any replies. It happens to me all the time here, and elsewhere as
well. It doesn't mean people are dissing you (although it's easy to think
that sometimes).  Just be patient and try again.

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