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Re: Price sharing etiquette

At 11:00 AM 4/3/98 -0800, Peter Harlan wrote:
>Okay, as soon as I get an Echoplex, I'm going to hook up
>a mic and record the following: "If I don't have something
>good to say, then I won't say anything."

You shouldn't feel like you can't point out problems, whereever you find
them. They don't get better otherwise. At the same time I think it's useful
to be careful of the tone one imparts in such things. On the internet, it 
quite easy for someone to cause a lot more damage than they might realize 
intend. When your actual goal is to make something better, you sometimes
need to step back and consider whether the thing you are about to post to
the universe really does that, or whether it actually just makes you feel
better by beating on someone else. 

As some of you may have noticed, my own impulsive nature gets me into
trouble along these lines on a regular basis. I also get to be on the
receiving end of the same sort of thing fairly often, so I've had the unfun
experience of repairing damage caused by someone who didn't realize how 
they were causing. So I get to think about this sort of thing a lot.  :-)

>Apologies to the person I quoted earlier. I didn't mention
>a name, but if you save your messages you could figure out
>who that was. No, I still haven't received a response from
>him, but I should have given him the benefit of a doubt.
>There could be many reasons why he wasn't able to respond.
>And I have heard from someone else that did get a response
>from a similar inquiry. So, he is obviously somebody that
>will share his good fortune.

As someone who receives large volumes of mail each day, and who is 
unable to reply to it all in a timely fashion, I'd say yeah, give 'em a
break. I think most people do try to help if they can. Sometimes it takes 
days or weeks to reply to someone, so sorry in advance I do this to you.

>I've also received some interesting private e-mails about
>peoples' different perspectives on sharing price info on
>the list. I would hope that we could discuss those things

Seems to me that would be a valuable discussion. I'd like to hear people's
opinions on sharing price info. (publicly, that is.) I didn't even realize
there was any controversy on that. understanding is a good thing....

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Mpact System Engineering       kflint@chromatic.com
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