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Re: Price sharing etiquette


You said: 

<It appears to me that sharing price information (or any non-proprietary
<information, for that matter) can only benefit us all.  The only ones who
<don't benefit are the retailers who are overcharging for their products,
<and I have no problem if they lose business.  

As someone that used to word in a retail music store, I'd have to say that 
couldn't be more wrong.  Do you have any idea what the markup on a piece of
musical equipment is?  How about less than 20%.  In a high compatition
situation, it is usually as little as 10 or 5%.  Where they get you is for
excessories and sheet music.  Anyway, next time you mail order something
cheap, just think about the day that there wont be a local music store to 
and check stuff out in.
Mark Sottilaro

"I know who you are baby
I've seen you go into that meditative state
You're the snake charmer, baby
and you're also a snake
You're a closed circuit...

                                     --Laurie Anderson