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Re: Price sharing etiquette

Mark, I won't say you are mistaken about things you have direct
experience with--perhaps some retail outlets are given preferential
deals by the suppliers. I don't know.

What I *do* know is that I have been told by other folks who've worked
in retail music stores that they only pay about 50% to 60% of list for
things. That would leave a lot of room for dealing.

And, if you really look around, you can sometimes find deals that
indicate the markups must be substantial. For example, the Roland
GR-30 lists for $895 (without the GK-2A pickup). zZounds and Synthony
are selling this for $599 and $600, respectively. Even deeper
discounts can be found on the GK-2A, though I don't have the figures
anymore because I'm not looking for one now. But do the math.

Now, you could argue that these stores are maybe just employing a
"loss-leader" tactic to get more of your business, but I think that
would be kind of absurd. Just because a store gives me a good deal on
one item, I'm not going to turn around and buy something else from them
for hundreds more than I can get it someplace else.

You could also argue that these stores are just closing out items they
haven't been able to sell. Sometimes that's true, and then you can get
an exceptional deal. But, I don't think the market for GR-30's has
dried up yet.

As for supporting my local music store...well I have two answers for

(1) Musician's Friend is my local music store. One of 'em anyway. And
    I can get a good deal there. But usually I have to first find a good
    price somewhere else, then they'll match it. That works for me, and
    they don't complain either.

(2) The other music stores around my town either
    (a) aren't dealers for the gear I'm looking for,
    (b) don't know anything about what I'm looking for,
    (c) have ripped me off in the past,
    (d) have treated me with disrespect, or
    (e) knowingly sell stolen property.

When at all possible, I prefer to do business with capable, smart,
interested and honest people. If that is not possible, I look out for
numero uno. Period. This is not to say that the Musician's Friend folks
aren't capable, smart, etc. Actually, most of them seem to be.

Anyway, that's the end of this rant.