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Re: Price sharing etiquette

I got my gr-30 new/ w/ a gk-2a for $650 from 8th street music in Dwntwn
Philly just 4 weeks ago.
Since we are in the mood for sharing secret price info:

Call 215.923.5040. Ask for a guy named Andre-  he's their pro audio guy & 
knows his shit and will ultimately hook you up with the phattest equip on
the planet whether youre a looper or a shredder or a raver.

Good Deals can be had especially if you are patient, thorough &
knowledgeable about what the prices are for the dealer ( I use the 150-200
buck markup as a win-win point on price relevant to a Brand New mid - high
ticket item aka. something that is generally priced over the $500 but under
$950 mark, ie. a gr-30 or a mc505, ya know ).

If you can find a Local/Family run Mid to small sized retail place that is
willing to work with you and see that you will be a consistent customer for
the long haul, you'll find Music Stores are often more than willing to cut
their margins if they see they will make it up in volume from you.

A good price also depends on the product and demand. And never be afraid of
considering used. Just be extra cautious and thorough if buying used. It
often helps to only buy used from a location that is close in proximity to
you with a very decent and long standing reputation.

Somethin that is a niche product that is say very top shelf in quality and
price like a gr-30 usually sits and sits forever in someones inventory
unless the region or reputation of the Store is one that caters to folks
that make extensive use of such products.

Also, when you see something you like think about it ( not forever ) but
think and shop around and get quotes in writing. I'm never ashamed of
playing one vendor off the other though w/the relationship I have with 8th.
Street, I rarely have to do that. No one has beat 8th street prices on
anything as of late.

Peter Harlan wrote:

> And, if you really look around, you can sometimes find deals that
> indicate the markups must be substantial. For example, the Roland
> GR-30 lists for $895 (without the GK-2A pickup). zZounds and Synthony
> are selling this for $599 and $600, respectively. Even deeper
> discounts can be found on the GK-2A, though I don't have the figures
> anymore because I'm not looking for one now. But do the math.