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RE: Lexicon MPX100

        About the MPX 100 Michael Hughes(of the many Michaels)
wrote:I've asked this before.... 5.7 secs .... tap tempo ..... so DOES
> If not, WHY NOT???  And can it be expanded beyond 5.7s?  And if you
> set up a loop on the 5.7 sec delay and change programs, will the loop
> carry over?" 
Yes, Michael, you can loop the 5.7 seconds.  The memory is not
expandable and there is no loop spillover available.

Travis asked: "Is this supposed to be $1249.00?"

No, Travis, US$249.00 is the correct price.

and then John asked:"when will Lexicon drop production on it?"

Well, John, if our experience with JAMMAN and Vortex are any indication,
we will stop producing the MPX 100 when we have a warehouse full of
product that is not moving!  As this box will include reverb, all
indications are that this will not be a problem as Lexicon has never had
any trouble selling any product that contains reverb! 

Thank you all for your interest and best regards,

Greg Hogan
Lexicon Customer Service
Phone +781-280-0372
FAX +781-280-0499