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RE: Lexicon MPX100

>Yes, Michael, you can loop the 5.7 seconds.  

>The memory is not expandable 

>and there is no loop spillover available.

>Well, John, if our experience with JAMMAN and Vortex are any indication,
>we will stop producing the MPX 100 when we have a warehouse full of
>product that is not moving!  As this box will include reverb, all
>indications are that this will not be a problem as Lexicon has never had
>any trouble selling any product that contains reverb! 

I never though the Vortex's problem was it's lack of reverb, more its lack
of MIDI.  It was the ONLY non-MIDI multiprocessor on the market at the time
(and even now you're looking at the Deltafex etc).  It would have just sat
in a rack, not talking to the rest of the gear - which is a shame because
the JM and Reflex WERE MIDI'd.  This list may have loadsapeople who realise
the box's potential enough to forgive its shortcomings, but that was quite
a major shortcoming; it stopped building a dream system with these three
units acting in concert.  

(Incidentally, the unit described in the Guitar & Bass Buyer's Guide - w/
MIDI and 2 amp switchers - sounded nigh-on perfect - which probably
explains why that error sat on the listings for 3 years....)

I'll admit that I was hoping the MPX100 was going to be "the Vortex, done
right".  Yeah, I know, I know, Lex _do_ make that, it's called the MPX1 and
it's bloody expensive....

(whinge mode off)
But really Greg, it's a neat piece of kit and I'm sure it'll flatten the
competition (zoom?  Peavey?).