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Re: Lexicon MPX100

In a message dated 98-04-06 12:00:21 EDT, you write:

>  Well, John, if our experience with JAMMAN and Vortex are any indication,
>  we will stop producing the MPX 100 when we have a warehouse full of
>  product that is not moving!  As this box will include reverb, all
>  indications are that this will not be a problem as Lexicon has never had
>  any trouble selling any product that contains reverb! 

Greg, just have to give you a little grief.  Sounds like a great product,
where can we buy them and when?  Any direct sales?  Any Web sites to 
the specs?  Have you heard it and what is your honest opinion.  Midi
controllable, right?

Any new loop based gear on the horizon, we keep waiting for the next
generation JM, but never see it?  I know, buy an Echoplex or Eventide.  
to Kim, I probably will.  

Oh, buy-the-way, where does one go to buy an Echoplex?  I don't think I've
seen any postings on that.  

 <A HREF="mailto:anet@aol.com  (John Peters)">John Peters</A>