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RE: Lexicon MPX100

        From John came: "Sounds like a great product, where can we buy
them and when?  Any direct sales?  Any Web sites to examine the specs?
Have you heard it and what is your honest opinion.  Midi
> controllable, right?
> Any new loop based gear on the horizon, we keep waiting for the next
> generation JM, but never see it?"  
The MPX 100 will be shipping next month and will be available at all
music retailers that carry Lexicon products.  I do not know if the specs
are posted at www.lexicon.com yet or not.  I know that there was
something at www.harmonycentral.com but I don't believe that the specs
are there yet either.
I have heard it and my opinion is that it would sound great at any price
but will not be beat for the price and yes, it is MIDI controllable.

I am not aware of any plans for a JAMMAN replacement or second
generation.  There will be 20 seconds of mono or 10 seconds of stereo
looping within the MPX G2 which will be shipping in the third quarter of
this year.  It will loop but you will not have the multiple loop
features that are found in the dedicated loopers.

Best regards,