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Re: Birds in our trees

Bailey, Jim wrote:
> One last question or two, does anybody here know of someone who has done
> something completely with birds, animals, samples environmental that was
> percussive as these birds were, and last has here anybody used bird calls
> and why?  Was it for a particualar mood, for example.

This is probably not what you're looking for, but there was a prolific
French composer named Olivier Messiaen who incorporated bird calls into
many of his works. He wrote primarily organ and choral works as I
Interesting person, very eccentric, a mystic.

For something completely different, there's Paul Winter and the various
animal and bird voices he's used over the years. By the way, on one
which I'm sorry to say I can't identify (having just heard this on the
in my car), he uses the song of some Amazon River bird (think that's
which is truly amazing. It is without a doubt the most beautiful bird
I've ever heard, and had I not heard it, I wouldn't have ever imagined a
bird could produce shuch sounds. If anybody knows what album this is
please let me know!