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RE: Birds in our trees

One last question or two, does anybody here know of someone who has done
something completely with birds, animals, samples environmental that was
percussive as these birds were, and last has here anybody used bird calls
and why?  Was it for a particualar mood, for example.


Hope I'm not chiming in too late on this, but I've been trying to catch   
up on things. Although it's not entirely natural sounds, I'm surprised   
no-one's mentioned "Granchester Meadows" by Roger Waters on Pink Floyd's   
' 70 album "Ummagumma." There is a loop of a bird running all the way   
through it. Also, an album which I believe WAS actually made entirely   
with the sound of insects is "The Insect Musicians" by Graeme Revell (of   
SPK). The sounds were heavily modified (with lots of looping, no doubt)   
and end up sounding very electronic, and sometimes even orchestral. Well   
worth checking out.

Jim Bailey