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Re: Birds in our trees

Hi Folks!

Jim Bailey commented:

>Hope I'm not chiming in too late on this, but I've been trying to catch
>up on things. Although it's not entirely natural sounds, I'm surprised
>no-one's mentioned "Granchester Meadows" by Roger Waters on Pink Floyd's
>' 70 album "Ummagumma." There is a loop of a bird running all the way
>through it.

That very bird loop shows up on a number of Pink Floyd albums actually.
It's on The Wall, in several places (and I also remember hearing it in the
concert as well); and Animals as well, on the "Dogs" side.  I remember 
disappointed in the Animals collection, by the way, because I had been
expecting something of a full-on take on George Orwell's "Animal Farm".
Alas.  However!

This weekend's Loop Of The Week will be addressing this issue, as well as
others, as a matter of fact.  I'm going to incorporate birds into it, as a
hint.  Nee-ha!

Stephen Goodman  * It's... The Loop Of The Week!
EarthLight Studios    * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios