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Re: multiple concurrent loops

You can only do this with one echoplex, if you layer the multiple loops on
top of each other.  The total loop length would have to be the lowest
common multiple of the individual loop lengths.  However, then you can't
use different feedback settings for the different loops.  Of course, this
is easy (and expensive!) with multiple Echoplexi.

- Chris

>I would like to playback multiple seperate loops concurrently with an EDP.
>One application for this would be using one loop as a foundation with
>feedback at 100% while repeatedly overdubbing on a second loop at the same
>time with it's feedback set lower. This would cause the second loop to
>gradually change shape while the foundation (loop 1) remains consistant.
>Another possibility would be running many loops of varying lengths at the
>same time. Depending on how you set it up, they would go in and out of
>phase with eachother creating polyrhythmic relationships. Something like 
>(where "|" is the end of the loop and "-" is loop data)
>My question: Is this possible with a single Echoplex?

Chris Chovit                                          
 AVIRIS Experiment Coordinator      pager #: (888) 415-4547