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3rd CD Project Update

Greetings to all;

The 3rd CD project has been receiving quite a number of submissions to 
Some of the entries are superb and quite frankly, some need to be remixed.

Within the next week or so, everyone will be receiving a note commenting on
your submission.  The purpose of the note will be to encourage you first, 
secondly to provide an honest critique of the submission.  I will be 
some new information concerning acceptable and unacceptable submissions at 

The project is not filtering submissions based on content,  but rather
quality.  If the overall quality of each submission does not meet the 
of the others, then we have some problems which reflect negatively on the
entire project.  

The project highly encourages quality factors such as low noise, good 
throughout the recording, good EQ etc.  The project also highly encourages 
elimination of glaring and or obivous mistakes. Some of the submissions
included clicking loops and loops which were obiously punched in at the 
time (which makes for a very obvious cadence problem everytime the loop
recycles), as well as wrong notes being played (I don't think there were 
attempts at actual disharmony, a study in and of itself).  Some of the
material can be cut out or edited here; however, it really is your 
and the submission is yours.

So, with that, keep in mind that the submission you make will be locked 
the CD forever.  It is also a reflection of this site and other musicians 
the CD.  As such you owe the project and the site some quality work.  The 
project will not compromise the quality factors as we want it to stand on 
own.  With this said, the project is extending the deadline for another 
and is still open for submissions as some may not make the CD.  It would be
nice to receive some material that included vocals.

<A HREF="mailto:anet@aol.com  (John Peters)">John Peters</A> 

 <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/anet/3rdcd.html">3rd CD Project Page</A>