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Newborn looper in Switzerland

Dear everyone

After waiting 1 1/2 year I finally received my looping tools today after
a no problem delivery: 2 beautiful white twins 

As down Thomas was sometimes ago as high I am now (^"^)
(I can feel that sarcastic smile from you older shamans)

just wanted to say that you helped me a lot during the wait  with your
funny vocabulary "do you pitch the patch in switchquant with your DAW
when feeling trapped in nextloop mood or what ?"

Had 1 1/2 year to study the about every thing published on plexes but I
don't remember this fun trick I just found (I can feel that sarcastic

I run two plexes in brother sync and in sync with the computer
plex 1 is master plex 2 is slave 
normally the master commands the slave (which is...normal)
if you begin to overdub with plex 2 manually on the front panel the next
press of overdub (on the plex footswitch) will toggle the overdub
function between plex 1 and 2
meaning at each press, you input new material to the left then to the
right creating sort of question response phrases the last overdub in
this state must be ended on front panel of plex 2

Again thanks to Kim, Mathias, Oberheim/Gibson, Rick at Bananas, and you
all out there Girls and bOYS

A bientot


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