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RE: Lexicon MPX100

Michael wrote:
> I've asked this before.... 5.7 secs .... tap tempo ..... so DOES IT LOOP?
> If not, WHY NOT???  And can it be expanded beyond 5.7s?  And if you set 
> a loop on the 5.7 sec delay and change programs, will the loop carry 
> Surely you remembered that.  Even Zoom remembered _that_....
> (not to appear ungrateful or anything)

Thanks for asking exactly what I wanted to ask :)

The price is certainly right.

(I had no idea RAM had gotten so cheap -- I just upgraded my S-760 to 32
megs for $54 ... now I have an extra 8 meg SIMM that must be worth far less
than the $300 (?) I paid for it three years ago.  If anyone has any use for
it, I'll sell it for $2, which is about what it will cost to mail it.)


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