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Re: Simulations and labor saving devices (was: Re: MIDI problems ???

> When I was an indentured servant at Sam Ass,  Vernon Reid (name 
> came in and tried this new guitar midi converter out with me.  It uses
> (used?) some kind of fuzzy logic sort of thing, and was supposed to be 
> fast.  This was back in my Coleman/Coltrane days, with big wide 
> tritones, and (for me) lots o' speed.  [For those of you who are 
>concerned, I
> sought professional help, and I am feeling much better now].
> Anyway, the damn thing sputtered and hiccupped, and generally made a 
>mess of
> things.  Funny thing was, Vernon (far better faster cooler- although 
> much shorter than me) had the think working pretty well.  I could never
> figure it out.

In general, pitch-to-MIDI converters for guitar strongly favor players who
pick every note... and pick each note cleanly.   Players who like to slur 
a lot generally have more trouble with these devices.


Paolo Valladolid
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